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26 novembre 2014

Gone Girl 2014 (English) Download

Publié par Vincent Sivré dans Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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Size: 815 mb
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Language: English
Runtime: 149 min
Subtitles: German
Frame Rate: 23.9 fps
Video Bitrate: 5428 Kb/sec
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps
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Gone Girl 2014 torrent

Year: 2014
Director: David Fincher
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris
Review: Not much to like about this movie. Two seriously unlikable characters, one totally unbelievable plot, and about an hour too long. The main actors are practically emotionless and move like robots, I was so disappointed. The most interesting character (and well acted) was the lawyer. And there is NO WAY anyone could believe that a woman who arrived at a hospital covered in her kidnappers/rapists blood, was examined, dressed in scrubs, appeared in a ridiculous press conference the same day all while STILL COVERED IN BLOOD – just so she can do a shower scene at home! That and so many other awful scenes and dialogue ruined it. I never once believed that the main characters even fell in love, let alone spent 5 years together. Waste of time.

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